The international chamber music festival VIVARTE was held for the first time in 2016 thanks to a wonderful team of like-minded people. The festival is organized by the U-Art Foundation in collaboration with the State Tretyakov Gallery. The festival`s art director is an Honored Artist of Russia cellist Boris Andrianov.

The festival concept is a synthesis of chamber music and art works, the interaction between tradition and avantgarde. Eight days, six concerts, six masterpieces from the State Tretyakov Gallery’s repository, the musical promenade and jazz concert at the festival’s closing.

Each concert is accompanied by a demonstration of one of the masterpieces from the Tretyakov Gallery’s collection. The items selected for the show are rarely demonstrated to the public. They inspire the artists and the audience. The musical program is preceded by a presentation of the painting by one of the leading researchers of the Tretyakov Gallery.

Boris Andrianov about Vivarte: “I really adore chamber music. It is the best, the most beautiful. And this beautiful music you want to play with beautiful musicians in a great place. Such a place has become for us the State Tretyakov Gallery - the house where Beauty lives, where for a long time different arts were united, where the atmosphere itself prepossess to create, inspires and enriches.”


“Even before the Gallery opened its doors for the first time, the mansion of Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov in Lavrushinsky Lane had been often filled with the sound of music thanks to his wife, Vera Nikolaevna. She used to hold musical evenings, entertaining at the Tretyakov house well-known culture figures and famous musicians. These functions had been attended by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Nikolai and Anton Rubinsteins, and visiting European artists.

Music has always been a genius loci of sorts at our museum: concerts have been held at the Tretyakov Gallery throughout its entire history. At the same time, today there is a need to establish new connections and new understanding between the music being played in our halls and the masterpieces of fine art. We aim to engage today's viewers and listeners in a dialogue and to enable them, through listening to music, to take a fresh look at our collection.” (Zelfira Tregulova, Director General of the State Tretyakov Gallery)


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(Русский) Хенрике Руннинг (Норвегия)
(Русский) Кристиан Хадланд (Норвегия)
(Русский) Итамар Голан (Израиль)
(Русский) Дмитрий Синьковский
(Русский) Духовой квинтет им. Нильсона (Дания)
(Русский) Ларс Андерс Томтер (Норвегия)
(Русский) Дмитрий Илларионов
(Русский) Клара-Джуми Кан